A Journey to Maumere

Greetings everyone!

So I've just recently visited Maumere and this post basically is going to tell you about my journey there and provide some descriptions of what you will find there. Hopefully some information will be relevant for some of you who are planning to travel around Flores Island or simply just give an information for those who are wondering what Maumere is like.

Let's get started!

So it took me approximately 9 hours from Bajawa to Maumere by renting a car. It took longer time as I had to stop by in Mbay to pick up a friend of mine. As for information, Maumere is the capital city of Sikka District, it is in the eastern part of Flores Island near Larantuka. Meanwhile, Bajawa (the capital city of Ngada District) and Mbay (the capital city of Nagekeo District) are located in the middle of Flores Island. Basically, you could just travel from Bajawa to Maumere without passing Mbay and it will take you approximately 2 hours less. Or, you could travel from Bajawa to Mbay …

Happy Birthday to You!

How did it all start? Jadi gue mulai kenal deket sama Yo itu 7 tahun lalu. Sebenarnya udah kenal dari sebelum itu, cuma baru tau gitu aja di dunia perdebatan SMA. Waktu itu di Balairung kita ketemu lagi, gue sapa dia Gue: "Hai! Lo anak debat juga kan yah?" Dia: "Iya, lo masuk HI juga?" ..... Setelah itu kita tahu kalau ternyata kita satu kelompok ospek jurusan dan dimulailah masa-masa persahabatan kita.

Things we've shared together 4 tahun kuliah bareng-bareng mulai dari ospek, kuliah (belajarnya, bikin review, bikin makalah, belajar buat kuis, UTS dan UAS), sempet ikutan seleksi debating club bareng, Model United Nations di pertengahan periode kuliah sebelum lulus, kelompok kecil, PO FISIP dan PO UI, ngajar les (LOL! Yang ini perjuangan bgt udah jauh-jauh ke Cibubur eh anaknya ga ada di rumah hahaha ), masa-masa galau nyari topik skripsi, begitu dapet topik kok galau juga nyari data, begitu dapet data kok bingung mau diapain untuk analisisnya hahaha,…

Living A New Life (as a development worker)


It's been a very long time since my very last writing here. There have been so many things happened in my life. Surprisingly, I am now living my (new) life in Bajawa. (Well not really new tho since I have been here within the previous eight months).

Bajawa is a small city in Flores Island. It is the capital city of Ngada District. It is very cold here. (I honestly had no idea before that there is a cold place in Flores Island :p).

Why am I here?
I currently work in an NGO and do this work that's related with monitoring and evaluation process for health and education project.

This is what I've always wanted. This kind of development work that I am passionate with which I found it so hard to get into this kind of work as I was just a fresh graduate and this kind of work requires a lot of (field) experiences and some takes a master degree to support you to get in to this development work. However, God leads me all the way. (I think I am going to write how then I get int…

A "Hello" after a Long "Break"

Hello! It's been quite long time ago since the last time I wrote something here. My last post was written on April 2012, yes it was almost 2 years ago. I don't know how many times I've been saying that time flies so fast. The last 2 years backwards were another story for me when I learned something called "life". It was the time where I learned about total surrender to God in every single space in my life. There were the times for ups and downs in my life. I once said that "life is like a roller coaster, the ups and downs are what makes it fun.". Lately, I just found out that "life is like strumming the guitar, the upstrokes and downstrokes are what makes it fun." Some things happened out of my expectation. There was a time when things didn't go as what I had thought before, when God said "no" or when He said "hold on, kid". There was a time when He gave me much (by much I mean so much) more than I asked Him before as w…

Acting Go Green by My Own Way

You might ever heard about "Go green", or even a lot of time you've been hearing about it. Even the Green Theory was being asked on my mid term test. I dont know if people are really aware about environment nowadays by hearing (or even saying) about "Go green" almost of the times or it might just a new trend of globalization (maybe?).

I honestly am not a person who are really environmental-centrist (whatever you name it), bu I try to do some act instead of just keep on saying go green here and there. What I do is as simple as recycling some stuffs and using it for something else.  So this is what I made.

What is go green for you ?

Late Posting about JJF 2012

Hi.. It's been a long time since the last posting I dropped here. Many things happened. And I was busy doing this and that. So this time I'll be dropping a post about Java Jazz 2012 (yeah I know it was a month ago-which is totally late for me talking about this. But rather than not at all, I'd better to still type something that I still remember hehe)

I went to the Saturday's show with my brother. Starting from Depapepe. They played some songs like "One", "Rozy", "Summer Parade", "Start", "Kito matta itsuka" and "Fun Time". For me, they play music with their heart and I see sincerity in their music. Althought it was an instrumental show but the audience sang along following the melody of guitar. Really enjoyable. I have to say that their show was quite entertaining.

After that we watched Pat Metheny. There's a memorable story here. Right after Depapepe ended their show, I and my brother moved to watch Pat …

Welcoming The New Term

For a lot of times I've been saying of how the time flies so fast. Feeling so thankful for everything in the last term. And now, the 4th term is approaching. Another days and nights with reviews and papers are about to come. But I shall not worry at all for I have Him that will always empower me to do all the things in His way. I'll strive for the best and at the same time will surrender everything to Him. For I will do my best and let him do the rest.